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Recent Press Releases

Dr Rajasundaram India Launches New Cancer Surgery Standards Program

The new program develops cancers surgical operation requirements and reporting equipment for institutions and surgeons to without difficulty undertake and easily integrate a combine into practice Best oncology surgeon Global hospital Chennai program today launched the...

Dr. Manju Aggarwal India Call for Changes to Improve Kidney Health

Today, Dr. Manju Aggarwal India launched innovative kidney care, a new campaign to improve patient options for receiving dialysis. Conventional in-hospital dialysis imposes sizeable burdens on patients with kidney failure and may be both physically and emotionally...

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni Works to Help Adults Suffering From Scoliosis

Bombay Hospital, Mumbai – for most of his childhood years, Milo Perez suffered from scoliosis. For years he wore a brace 22 hours a day to try and straighten his spine. As a person, the sickness returned. In the end Milo could even hardly ever walk, see his son’s swim...

Dr. Hitesh Garg India Explains Disc Degeneration and Offers Tips

The phrase degeneration, that means decline or deterioration, becomes specifically worrisome while it is paired with the discs of your spine. But there may be a good deal you may do to fight disc degeneration's style of signs and symptoms if this not unusual again...

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