Adam Price is a singer based out of Newcastle, NSW, Australia   He's a country music singer who has come up with a soulful and inspiring country music album with a spiritual message, which describes the inspiring life of Adam Price. His album titled Paint You a Song, was released in November 2011, comprising of a lovely mix of new original songs and a few classic songs by Australian Country Music “Legend” Smoky Dawson. He currently sings at different local venues around the Hunter Valley and Newcastle, NSW, Australia, and his latest new single “Under Your Spell” from the album has become quite popular and is being played by many Australian radio stations as well as in the US, UK, NZ and Canada.


Adam's life is a story of how an artist surmounts obstacles and challenges to hold on to his artistic vision of life. He got into singing only at the age of 32. Then, around four years ago, after participating in a couple of major singing competitions, Adam decided to release a country music album of some beautiful songs sung by renowned artists in the past and other songs that lend themselves to being “Countrified” in his own singing style. Thus, from a highly successful career in boutique sales and internet marketing consultancy, Adam decided to become a country music singer.


However, in June 2010, Adam Price was diagnosed of leukemia and had to wait till November 2010 before he could recover. Adam didn't just recover completely, but is also doing all he can to help other victims of the disease. In fact, his song “Faith, Hope & Love” has been taken up by the Leukemia Foundation Newcastle, Australia, where he lives. Also, a percentage of the proceeds from the CD and merchandise sales as well as Adam's live shows is donated to the Leukemia Foundation and The Newcastle Mater Hospital Hematology Ward, who saved his life. Country music fans can get a signed CD of his album Paint You a Song on purchasing it through his blog or website mentioned below (and these ship worldwide).


Adam Price attends the local Newcastle Steel City Country Music Club at the home of country music in Newcastle and the Five Islands Recreation Club in Speers Point. He sings to support the many fantastic country music artists there. His country fusion videos can be accessed on the youtube. His mission is to help people have faith through his inspiring songs. He wants to show that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope for a better life by being happy, healthy and well. To learn more about Adam Price and his inspiring life and music, visit his website at