Okemos, Michigan  - American Collegiate Marketing, Inc. allows people to book their favorite magazines and publications at the cheapest prices available online. The organization offers various publications and subscriptions to them at as low prices as $10. Prospective customers can order Women's Magazines, Men's Magazines, Children's Magazines, Teen Magazines, Sports and Activities Magazines, Cooking and Food Magazines, Education and Entertainment related magazines, and other publications related to News and Politics.




They also offer several magazines and magazine subscriptions with free gifts and other customer friendly features and services. On offer are gift certificates, which would be useful for people who wish to gift magazine subscriptions to others. There are several magazine titles available and they cater to all tastes and requirements, offering everything right from Playboy to Zoobies. The other magazine titles available are Maxim, Cosmopolitan, The Economist, ESPN – The Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, and more such popular magazines are available. Some magazines are bundled with a free gift, like a poster, and even a backpack bag.




The prices of the magazines offered are more than eighty five percent less than the actual prices of the titles. In addition, the organization also offers student discounts, thereby offering the magazines at a much lower price to the students. American Collegiate Marketing, Inc. handles other queries like back issues, damaged issues, duplicate issues, and receiving outdated issues. Users can contact individual magazine publications through the organization.


The company has been in the business of magazine subscriptions since 1974, and it uses its networking and expertise to provide the magazines to their readers at a hefty discount. They also offer a no-credit-card system to their users. This makes it simpler for people with limited financial resources to buy the magazines that they would want to read.


Prospective customers wishing to order their magazines and other reading material through American Collegiate Marketing, Inc. can visit http://www.magazineline.com and order. Payments can be either via Google Checkout or PayPal. Users can also send free e-cards, and get information about which kind of magazines to gift to particular types of individuals.