That incredibly useful website Chris’s Blog has been designed to be easier to navigate. He is now using PressWorks as one of the WordPress suite of web design programs.

Chris’s Blog is one of those singularly useful blogs if you have to do anything with computers, and who doesn’t these days? Chris is an IT professional who works with MS SQL amongst other things. He has seen fit to blog about his experiences with a lot of IT related issues. There are 8 months of archives and in each month he covers a range of topics in which he passes on his experiences, expertise and knowledge about a range of subjects. Chris says he will post on solutions to problems he faces or things he finds cool such as Piwik Which is an open source free web analytics package.

In October he Blogged about Sending Emails using a SMTP script in PowerShell. He actually includes the script for one to use. All one would need to do is copy and paste and then edit the addresses where required.His next two post on the Blog are to do with SQL and MSSQL in each case discussing a particular problem and suggesting a straightforward solution, where possible giving a too; such as SQL Nexus.

In November there were only 2 posts, 2 on PowerShell and one on MSSQL. One of the post on PowerShell describes a useful editor for scripting. PowerShell’s Microsoft editor is perfectly Usable but PowerGUI increases the number of cool things one is able to write.

In December he just had one post about MSSQL and what to do if the database is in recovery. He gives a script which enables one to find out exactly how long the database will take in recovery.

January likewise only has one post and this is about PowerShell script for recovering a service that fails to start up successfully.

And in February we have our first posting about Linux, offering tools for various applications. The first is TOP which is a great tool for checking out how the system is doing giving data on the Processes running, CPU usage memory usage and Swaps 5 tools in all are discussed.

March only has one posting to do with WordPress Permalinks and a 404 issue with Apache. April had a post on Configuring additional IP addresses in a number of systems including Linux but also Red Hat and Fedora for example. It also had another post to do with Using a VBscript when exporting to Excel.

This month so far there have been 5 posts but the most significant of these is to do with the New Design and Theme of which he is very happy as he believes it makes his blog easier to read andf is now a lot faster.

The message to convey here is that Chris’s Blog is sharing a large amount of experience and problem solving techniques with anyone who wishes to make use of it. Anyone using WordPress, especially PressWorks, SQL and or Linux and other open source applications is welcome to join.