According to UK-based men’s gift specialists the Great Gift Company, people who have received the book Dear Dad regularly describe it as “the best gift they have ever had.”

This is great for those looking for gift ideas for Father’s Day, which this year falls on the 17th June, and simply do not know what to buy.

Instead of the usual tie, pair of socks, or pack of beers, the Great Gift Company is pushing books as a great idea for a gift; especially since there are so many kinds of books, covering so many topics. Needless to say, whatever your dad likes to do, there’s probably a book written about it; whether he’s into gardening; likes learning about history; or wants to know more about his favourite band or sportsman.

Dear Dad is not just any book though; it’s a journal in fact, and it’s meant to inspire every father to tell his own personal story. With pages headed by great questions, Dear Dad is the perfect way for every man to document his life and leave a legacy for all members of his family to remember.

“Dear Dad is a book of your father’s amazing and unique story” said Great Gift Company director Mette Downer.

“Celebrate your dad’s amazing story and give him the opportunity to find the “book” within him….those who have given and received this journal reckon it is the best gift they’ve ever had.”

A book is a great way for your dad to find out more about his favourite sports team, musician, film star or comedian; but the best thing about Dear Dad is that it’s a great way for your dad to find out more about himself, and for you to learn a bit more about what has shaped the most important man in your life. Dear Dad is also available as Dear Granddad, and because it’s relatively inexpensive, it really is a great gift when Father’s Day arrives.

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