Dr. Veena Bhat India gives comprehensive obstetrics & gynecology (ob-gyn) care all through India. Our board-certified group of healthcare specialists, such as obstetricians and gynecologists, is dedicated to meeting the unique and converting health needs of girls during their lives. Whether you are or not you’re seeking out gynecology care, hoping to grow your family, or want to timetable a consultant appointment, we are able to assist.

Best gynecologist Artemis hospital Gurgaon provides an extensive form of offerings to fulfill the needs of women in any respect level of life. From adult and adolescent women’s health screenings and exams; to prenatal, obstetrical, and midwifery offerings; to gynecology and gynecologic surgical operation, the physicians and care team at Artemis hospital Gurgaon are devoted to providing high-quality women’s healthcare in an easy and supportive environment.

“Our OB/GYN services enable us to provide women the care and services they need during their lives,” said Dr. Veena Bhat India. “We’re specifically thrilled to offer to take care of women via women, with the addition of seven new woman physicians, who can be leading ob/GYN practices.”

The best gynecologist at Artemis hospital Gurgaon gives inclusive care to all patients. Gynecology is concerned with all components of women’s reproductive health. Our provider gives a wide range of inpatient and outpatient offerings to women. These encompass:


This concerns issues of the woman's urinary and genital tract. As they're close together, there can regularly be coexistent issues consisting of urinary incontinence, recurrent urinary infections/cystitis, or prolapse.

Cervical screening

Cervical screening is a way of stopping cancer by using detecting and treating early abnormalities which, if left untreated, may want to result in cancers in a woman´s cervix.


A colposcopy is commonly carried out while an ordinary cervical screening test indicates some strange adjustments in the cells of the cervix. Many women have ordinary smears and this does not imply you have got cancer; however, those small adjustments have been located that want further investigation. A colposcopy will experience much like having a normal cervical screening check, but lets the colposcopist look at an enlarged 3-D view of the cervix, and discover if treatment is required.

Sexual health and reproductive advice

Dr. Veena Bhat India is held at a number of convenient locations, presenting facts and advice on issues along with birth control and sexual fitness.

Early pregnancy recommendation women up to 15 weeks pregnant can also attend a health center if they're experiencing signs and symptoms which include bleeding, pain, or have had preceding miscarriages. The best gynecologist Artemis hospital Gurgaon will offer assessment and advice on problems of early pregnancy

“Young adults and those with pelvic health concerns (issues associated with the bladder, vagina, uterus, and rectum) may be able to have checking out and analysis on-site without needing to travel or see someone else. As this can be a sensitive topic matter to many ladies, having these assessments done with the same physicians and staff they already understand can assist ease a number of the associated anxiety,” added Dr. Veena Bhat India

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