(Notas de Prensa) The population of developing countries increased by 20%, reaching more than 5 billion people, including 1.5 billion people living in extreme poverty.

Scinet Corporation assembles production mini-plants in mobile containers at the new assembly plants that it is installing in 11 regions of the world. These mini-plants are the only system in the world that can supply goods and services for basic needs at a cost as low as one dollar a day. The different mini-plant models are capable of producing up to 20,000 different items. To get an idea of their potential, a mini-plant with two operators can produce over 17,000 units of bread or treat more than 15,000 gallons of water in one day.

Each container includes the machinery, wiring, plumbing and facilities necessary to operate autonomously. Once the container arrives at its destination, the mini-plants are ready to start producing with complete independence as they have built-in electrical generators and photovoltaic panels.

Factoring & Management and Scinet-Corp will distribute digital certificates on radio-frequency chips for a population of over 400 million people.

These devices (the majority resembling key chains) will be distributed in developing countries and high-risk regions of the world, as well as in natural disaster situations, and may be used immediately to acquire all types of goods for basic needs manufactured by the mini-plants (potable water, bread, dehydrated foods, medicines and sanitary materials, dairy products, etc.).

More information at www.scinet-corp.com and www.scfoundation.eu

Website: http://www.scinet-corp.com