(World Press Release) Victor, New York – L-Tron Corporation announces the recent launch of a new weblog on its corporate website, with the main goal of sharing the company's collective expertise and extensive knowledge with both clients and potential clients. The blog, which is updated several times a week, helps readers understand the direction of technology in the marketplace and how to use that technology to increase their profitability.

L-Tron President, RAD DeRose, initiated a company blog based the company’s commitment to its customers. DeRose clarifies, “Establishing the company blog is an extension of our “customer first” culture. I want to provide an opportunity where, as a company, we can interact with our clients in an open forum. This allows us to connect to our customers directly by providing tips and insights, answering questions, and also by receiving feedback.”

This “customer first” culture that DeRose mentions is not a novel concept for L-Tron. Starting with the company's creation over 35 years ago, L-Tron (http://www.L-Tron.com) began delivering the service and support its customers needed to be successful. The company continues to regularly receive excellent customer feedback to this day, always striving to exceed customer expectations.

DeRose further explains, “By putting our clients first, we ensure that the customer experience with L-Tron is a positive one. Of course, there are times when, despite our best efforts, there are problems. We view these problems as opportunities to demonstrate our outstanding technical and customer service capabilities. If there is a problem, we resolve it in a manner that truly outshines our competitors.”

L-Tron's blog posts commenced on June 19, 2011 and continue to grow in popularity with readers. Written by industry experts within L-Tron Corporation, articles thus far have focused on educating readers about efficient workflow processes, effective data collection procedures, trends across a variety of top industries, helpful hints when shopping for new technology, and more. Widely-read posts over the past weeks have included: “Capturing Electronic Signatures,” “Workforce Trends in Field Mobility Solutions,” and “Assess True Labor Costs with Tracking Solutions.”

L-Tron's blog is currently available at http://info.l-tron.com/blog and can be subscribed to via email, as well.

For further information please contact:
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About L-Tron:
Founded in 1975, L-Tron is a value-added solution provider, collaborating with clients and key business partners to fully understand the challenges impacting their organizations. We help our clients become peak functioning businesses and government agencies, increasing their efficiency and enhancing support to their end users and constituents. To provide a total solution, we bring together services, combining our distinctive hardware and software capabilities in data collection and workflow processes with the most advanced technology in barcode, scanning, data collection, RFID and mobility.

L-Tron combines experience and comprehensive capabilities across key industries and businesses to support commercial organizations, manufacturing, healthcare, OEMs, law enforcement and government agencies globally.

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