Vladivostok, Russia Rhonda Software (www.rhondasoftware.com) introduces innovative computer vision software solution designed to analyze the people traffic for any indoor location.


Smart and accurate people counter system myAudience-Count will help acquire necessary business data:


  • to analyze customers' traffic for  your site (restaurant, mall, exhibit area, office, etc.)


·         to measure the traffic change with promo or ad campaign launch


·         to count the ratio of buyers to visitors in store


·         to figure the highest peaks of people traffic for your business or identify the off-hours with low attendance rate


·         track and compare attendance rate for any location at any time interval


·         get access to your traffic counting data from any place in the world.


myAudience-Count (www.myAudience-Count.com) is an accurate and efficient automatic tool for directional counting. It calculates the number of entered and exited visitors for specified location as well as provides the information on how many people are present within the location for every minute of time.


Computer vision system works with the top-mounted camera and each time person crosses the imaginary line, statistical data about detected entrance or exit event is sent to the Web Reports Portal.


Virtual people counting line could be set in desired position at any passage or gate: retail counter, building entrance, corridor, store aisle or any other place. To protect personal confidentiality of visitors system does not record or store any images, only statistical data is gathered.


Counting results are accumulated at the Web Reports Portal and used for metrics calculation. Diagram charts can be built to review the visiting activity within selected time interval. Depending on the time interval chosen, data could be displayed with a Year, Quarter, Month, Week  …  and up to the Minute interval and could be uploaded locally for further business data management.


Learn more about myAudience-Count at http://www.myaudience.com.


Exclusive sales and support of myAudience-Count for Australian and New Zealand markets are provided by IntelliVision Technology Ltd. (www.intellivision.co.nz)


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