Optilume® is an effective opportunity to standard endoscopic stricture treatments for male urethral strictures, providing minimally invasive, immediate relief. This breakthrough treatment offered at the best hospitals for urethroplasty surgery in India dilates the urethral lumen and delivers paclitaxel directly to the stricture, considerably lowering the occurrence of stricture recurrence.

A urethral stricture is a scar in or across the urethra that can limit the flow of urine from the bladder and might result in a painful, frustrating slowing of the urinary stream. Strictures can be a result of infections, trauma, and different medical procedures that injure the lining of the urethra and might appreciably affect patients' quality of life.

If left untreated, strictures can lead to severe complication, which includes bladder and kidney damage, infections, and poor ejaculation in men. Multiple endoscopic treatments by Top 10 urethroplasty surgeons of India as the same stricture are established to lead to progressively worsening outcomes, recurrence, and retreatment.

The optimum paclitaxel-lined balloon technology was developed in reaction to the patient and medical doctor's dissatisfaction with a current endoscopic solution for urethral strictures. Optilume works through inhibiting new scar tissue growth that often recurs after endoscopic dilations. this revolutionary, proprietary technology by the top 10 urethroplasty surgeons of India represents a giant paradigm change from the techniques currently utilized by urologists to treat these conditions and presents a durable, low Urethroplasty surgery cost in India, minimally invasive treatment alternative for thousands and thousands of patients suffering from these conditions globally. Patients who be affected by urethral stricture undergo millions of dilations per year in India itself.

"As the ROBUST 1 and ROBUST 3 clinical trials established, Optilume significantly reduces the prevalence of stricture recurrence," stated top 10 urethroplasty surgeons of India.  Male urethra, a tubular passage to permit the urine out from urinary bladder, at the same time as affected with narrowing or stricture of the lumen, inflicting problem in voiding urine, urinary retention, and pain during micturition.

Treatments at best hospitals for urethroplasty surgery in India consist of dilatation with balloon or urethrotomy under endoscopy at early stages and surgical urethroplasty under general anesthesia the usage of patient’s autologous oral/buccal tissue graft in intense ailment or long phase stricture. After undergoing the affordable urethroplasty surgery cost In India, for a while, patients pass urine through catheter drainage and risks consisting of stricture recurrence, urinary tract infection, impotence, sexual dysfunction, and incontinence, have been reported.

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