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Sim Only Blog voor een objectief SIMonly advies

Venlo 4 januari 2010 – Sim Only Europe / introduceert Sim Only Blog. De nieuwe manier om als Sim Only geïnteresseerde objectief advies in te winnen. Sim Only blog is iedere maandag, woensdag en vrijdag een bepaald Sim Only abonnement of gerelateerd onderwerp onder de loep. In het Sim Only blog zullen zeker de […]

Na twee jaar nieuwe impuls campagne Werkfruit

DEN HAAG, 20100104 — Twee jaar na de aftrap door Paul Rosenmöller van het convenant overgewicht, krijgt de landelijke campagne Werkfruit een nieuwe impuls. Dit meldt, centraal informatiepunt voor de campagne. Zo zullen er vanaf januari op 200 NS stations in totaal ruim 1200 werkfruit-posters komen te hangen, is er een promotieteam dat werkfruit […]

Unique Software Tech- Microsoft Corporation Dual Press Release

For Release 4.15 pm, SST 23rd December, 2009 Unique Software Tech Releases its Innovative TV on Computer software application, “Global Vision”. Singapore — 23rd December, 2009. Unique Software Tech today announced it will launch its application, Global Vision, which works with Microsoft Windows® 7 to offer customers enhanced security, as well as innovative user interface […]


DJINN /JINN /GENIE INVOCATION/SUMMONING/BINDING.DJINN RING Djinn/Jinn Are Made Of Smokeless Fire.Djinn have five types or classes according to their power The Most Powerful Are the “Marids” and the Weakest Are “Jann” As a beginner you should start with lower class of djinn like “jann” as they are easy to control & quick to communicate The […]

UHF RFID Interrogator Compact Flash Card Offers Long Read Range

Toronto, Canada – GAO RFID Inc. ( offers this RFID interrogator compact flash (CF) card, a long range interrogator with remarkable performance in identification, track and trace, and localization of assets or people. This UHF CF card uses an anti-collision algorithm to accurately transmit and receive information to and from numerous RFID tags within a […]

Denko Group Issues Warning to Clients in Equities

Technical analysis by Denko stock researchers point to a potential market correction, urges clients to take shelter in Gold, Life Settlement Funds. With the stock market up more than 50% since April and the Standard & Poor Index on the rise for the last three months, it’s concerning says Singapore based Denko trader Kyle Yavits. […]