(ORLANDO FL) May 12 2012 – In today’s economy, planning to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is an excellent career option because of the security afforded by this role. However, if someone wants to pursue the credentials required to be a CPA, review classes should be taken for the intimidating exams that must be passed to be a CPA.

There are four components to the exams that must be passed, and the national pass rate for them is 44%. For that reason, Fast Forward Academy has developed several CPA test review products for the AUD (Auditing & Attestation), REG (Regulation), FAR (Financial Accounting & Reporting) and BEC (Business Environment & Concepts) components of the CPA exams.

President of Fast Forward Academy, Matt McBride says, “At Fast Forward Academy, we’re committed to providing tax professionals with the absolute best in CPA review material. There’s no reason why anyone can’t pass the CPA exam on the first try with our proven system.”

Fast Forward Academy’s free test bank can be accessed by anyone wishing to review CPA exam materials before taking the certification. The CPA review materials available at the Fast Forward Academy free test bank include many categories for study for the AUD portion of the CPA exam: Engagement Acceptance and Understanding the Assignment; Understanding the Entity and its Environment; Performing Audit Procedures and Evaluating Evidence; Evaluating Audit Findings; Communications and Reporting; Accounting and Review Services Engagements and Professional Responsibilities.

For the REG portion, CPA review categories include Ethics, Professional and Legal Responsibilities, Business Law, Federal Tax Process, Procedures, Accounting and Planning, Federal Taxation of Property Transactions, Federal Taxation of Individuals and Federal Taxation of Entities.

The FAR test bank categories include Governmental Accounting and Reporting, Not-for-Profit Accounting, Financial Statement Accounts, Conceptual Framework, Specific Transactions and more.

Finally, categories for the BEC portion of the exams include Corporate Governance, Economic Concepts and Analysis, Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Operations Management and Information Systems and Communications. Upon taking the practice tests, students receive an exam readiness score after their CPA online review and can see their performance by category. This process allows students to keep taking the test exams until they feel prepared for the real thing.

To get access to Fast Forward Academy’s CPA exam review free test bank visit: https://fastforwardacademy.com/index-page-login.htm .