In 2006, the SSG-8 Super Straight Knife Grinder was joined by the development of new units designed specifically for automatic knife grinding process. This has enabled Jeffer Machinery to reach a leading position in the grinding processes used by woodworking industries.

Jeffer Machinery offers machinery to both the wood products industry and the metal working industry. Whether your business is manufacturing knives, saws, cutting tools, wood products or operating a sharpening shop or an in-house tool service facility, choosing the right equipment is the key to optimum performance.

SSG-8 Super Straight Knife Grinder is available with working lengths ranging from 1600mm to 4000mm, and longer for special machining purposes. It is suitable for grinding tool face、tool point、knife back、tool thickness. This grinder model features a high-powered wheel motor that means it makes accurate and fast grinding. Besides, its coolant tank with forced cooling function can prevent knife from shape changing. Humanity designed NC control system simplifies the setting process. Also, a sanding device is installed in order to provide the perfect surface to ensure a mirror finish effect. In addition, SSG-8 Super Straight Knife Grinder also has reinforced machine base that gives the machine maximum stability.

Below is the basic specification and features of SSG-8 Super Straight Knife Grinder:

Mechanical specification:
Magnetic chuck: 2500mm×200mm
Angle range of magnetic chuck: 90°-0°-90°
Grinding wheel speed: 1435 R.P.M.(50HZ) or 1720 R.P.M.(60HZ)
Grinding wheel feeding: 0.005mm
New weight of machine: 4200kg

1. Forced cooling system on motor shaft obtains excellent cooling effect.
2. Available with working lengths ranging from 1600mm to 4000mm.
3. With the automatic lubrication system. Manual lubrication is also available.
4. Coarse wheel and fine wheel are available for manual and auto feeding. Grinding cycles, feeding cycles, and feeding amount can be set as required. Minimum feeding amount is 0.005mm.

Besides the Super Straight Knife Grinder, Jeffer Machinery also specialized in developing carbide tool grinder, carbide saw grinder, profile grinder and automatic straight knife grinder for 30 years. The perfect performance at equipments makes Jeffer Machinery become one of the leaders of this profession and successfully leads its own brand into international market. Jeffer Machinery has been dedicated to make state-of-art grinding machines to meet the special requirements from customers around the world, and it did win a good reputation and customer trust by providing high quality products and good after-sale service.

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