2 jan 2019, Delhi

Prostate Cancer is unfortunately a very prevalent form of Cancer today. There are countless patients who fall prey to this ailment, many of which belong to the African Continent. Numerous men from the African nations suffer from Prostate Cancer, however, are not aware about the cons of this ailment and also, the possible treatment measures that can be taken. Looking at this ignorance, Forerunners Healthcare Consultants in India, as the top medical tourism organization, has taken the step of initiating a 24*7 service for such patients. This service will be focused on improving the knowledge of the African nationals about this disease and also guiding them about how they can avail the possible surgeries.

For Prostate Cancer Treatment in India, there is wide spectrum of options available today, which includes procedures like:
• Chemotherapy
• Cryotherapy
• Hormone Therapy
• CyberKnife Radiosurgery
• Radical Prostatectomy
• Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy
• Robotic Surgery
The best oncologists and top hospitals in India are extremely proficient and very well equipped to offer all the above mentioned treatment and surgical options. The hospitals are very polished, have very highly maintained hygiene and infection protocols. Be it the per-surgery guidance, evaluation process or the post-surgery care, the surgeons here are very meticulous about the entire process. Irrespective of the fact that these patients are coming a different country, through this 24*7 service, all the treatment related apprehensions of the African nationals are well taken care of.

With such sophisticated hospitals and the best Cancer experts working round the clock, no wonder that the success rate of Prostate Cancer Surgery in India is at par with global standards. The number are very appreciable and going up with every passing year. The best Oncologists and top hospitals in India have the right kind of services to keep the number soaring high. This is a major boost for the international patients, especially, the patients belonging to African countries. To get more specific information about these hospitals and surgeons, the patients can get in touch with the representatives of Forerunners Healthcare with the help of this 24*7 facility.

Another treatment criterion, which can be a major obstacle is the expenses involved. The representatives of Forerunners Healthcare guide the patients aptly about the available packages related to Prostate Cancer Treatment in India. More specifically, for the patients belonging to poorly developed African nations, cost is a huge factor. For example, for the Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer costs $35,000 in USA, $28,000 in UK, while only $7,500 in India. The Cyber Knife Radiosurgery costs $30,000 in USA, $24,000 in UK, but only $6,600 in India. This way, the cost of Prostate Cancer Surgery in India covering all the treatment and surgical approaches, are priced very sensibly in India.

With Forerunners Healthcare’s dedicated services, the medical value travelers from African countries find it effortless to access the treatment facilities while in India, particularly, related to Prostate Cancer Treatment in India. Till date, there are many medical tourists, who have had a wonderful treatment experience with Forerunners Healthcare Consultants.

About Forerunners Healthcare Consultants Pvt. Ltd.: Forerunners Healthcare is known to be the pioneers of Healthcare Tourism in India. This well-established organization has accomplished a very favoured reputation in the hearts of medical tourists. This is because the organization provides very patient-friendly packages and medical tour facilities to make the whole process a highly fruitful experience. Right from the medical visa to offering vacations plans after the treatment – there is huge of welcome advantages for the medical tourists.
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