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Affordable Scoliosis Surgery: Making Treatment Accessible In India

Scoliosis is a neuro-muscular condition triggered by various factors, despite its appearance as a bone condition. The 3D alteration in the spine's alignment — the curve — is merely a symptom of the condition. This multi-factorial condition has posed challenges for...

Budget-Friendly Solutions: Brain Aneurysm Treatment Costs in India

Brain aneurysms can be a terrifying diagnosis. These bulges in blood vessels within the brain can be life-threatening if they rupture. A brain aneurysm, also known as a cerebral or intracranial aneurysm, occurs when a weak area in the wall of a blood vessel in the...

Next-Level Therapies for Hypertensive Heart Disease in India

In recent years, hypertensive heart disease has emerged as a significant concern globally, impacting millions of individuals. It develops over time due to the strain placed on the heart by high blood pressure. Consistently elevated blood pressure exerts force against...

A Lifeline Within Reach: VSD Open Heart Surgery Costs in India

Ventricular septal defect (VSD) is a congenital heart condition that affects the structure of the heart. It ranks among the most common congenital heart defects, impacting approximately 1 in 500 newborns. This defect arises when there is a hole in the wall (septum)...

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