Many U.S. citizens are ready to purchase a home however they have bad credit that prevents them from financing the home of their dreams. Many have been the victim of bad credit over the last few years but Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. just posted an article to help those out that are seeking advice on improving their credit to find the best home loan even though they have bad credit. The entire article can be viewed here Bad Credit Home Loans 

Outlined below are five tips that are cited in the article. 

1. The consumer should check their credit for inaccuracies and if any are found they should dispute those errors. (The article contains details of how a consumer should attempt this) 

2. The consumer should be ready to prove that they are financially stable by having a minimum of a two year job history and have a track record of making on time installment loan payments on a vehicle or other debt. The applicant should have all paperwork such as w-2’s, tax returns and balance sheet available. 

3. Obtaining a co-signer who has good credit will help the applicant obtain a home loan. If this is possible this strategy could be the difference in getting the home of your dreams or not. 

4. The consumer should review the FHA loans that are available. According to the article FHA loans require smaller down payments and the down payment can be borrowed or given as a gift without penalties. 

5. The consumer should constantly work to build their credit by purchasing something wherein they have to make monthly payments such as furniture, car, motorcycle etc.

According to the article if the consumer has to apply for bad credit credit cards it will help their credit report if they keep their balances below 30 percent of the overall limit and make on time payments. Consumers can research credit cards for bad credit here 

Author Bio: 

JC McClain has authored two books on credit cards available at the Amazon Kindle library, Credit Cards for Bad Credit 2013 and Best Credit Card Rewards 2013 McClain has appeared on the nationally syndicated radio financial fitness show sharing his expertise in credit repair. He is also the credit expert for Cloud Technology Systems, Inc. 

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