A 5-year-old Bangladeshi Boy had undergone liver transplant surgery in India recently at a Rela Hospital, and Dr. Mohammad Rela best liver transplant surgeon claimed that it was an emergency liver transplant.

Mohammed the Bangladeshi boy was diagnosed with fulminant hepatic failure (a clinical syndrome of acute and severe liver impairment).

The tests in Qatar revealed that the liver enzymes, ammonia, and coagulation profile, had been substantially deranged but doctors couldn't verify the cause for the fast and unexpected deterioration. As his condition worsened he was put on ventilator aid and medication to stabilize his blood pressure. Specialists in Qatar opined that given his fragile circumstance, in the absence of a liver transplant, this infant could only survive for only 72 hours,” the hospital said in a press release. With the great help of the Bangladeshi and India embassy and authorities, the boy was airlifted in a critical state to Rela Hospital

Mohammed’s father donated part of his liver. The paperwork for the Liver transplant surgery in India, which generally ought to take over 10 days, was quickened and the transplant was scheduled for the 1/3 day of his arrival in the country was airlifted from Qatar to Rela hospital for an emergency liver transplant. The donor liver retrieval was carried out robotically to permit early recuperation of the father. Dr. Mohammad Rela best liver transplant surgeon performed the procedure for the boy.

“He had a smooth post-operative duration and was discharged at the 10th-day post-transplant. Both the donor and the recipient remain well,” Dr. Mohammad Rela best liver transplant surgeon said.

The little five-year-old boy is energetic but needs follow-ups and immunosuppression pills, the press launch stated. The child's "a huge successful liver transplant surgery India. Hearteningly, on regular follow-up, both the donor and the recipient quite well “recipient operation was done by Prof Mohamed Rela.

“For a great successful transplant, it's far crucial that the newly transplanted liver weighs as a minimum 0.8 to 1 percent of the patient's body weight. We are overjoyed at all went out well," he said.

"It is a unique instance of the power of organ donation in helping save lives. It draws attention to the reality that any healthful individual can save their loved ones by donating 1/2 their liver or a single kidney without struggling any harm," Dr. Mohammad Rela best liver transplant surgeon, was quoted as saying in a statement.

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