Appreciate author and poet Paul Kloschinsky's meaningful life journey with warm, heartfelt books of poetry that speaks of personal recovery from tragedy and becoming a better person.

(British Columbia, Canada) To achieve personal recovery and professional development and a renewed sense of spiritual growth from a life beset with seemingly insurmountable problems are, indeed, truly remarkable, worth appreciating and worth learning from. And for an author to craft living poetry from all of these—poetry so painful yet meaningful, valuable, memorable—is such a rare gem of creative personal accomplishment. With a flourish, author Paul Kloschinsky shares his perspectives with warm, heartfelt and moving poems in three tomes that tell the beauty and madness of life.

There is a time for everything, and with A Time to Cry: A Poetic Memoir of Madness, Depression and Unrequited Love, Kloschinsky vividly outlines a very troubled life journey, rendering his mental health problems, including depression and separation from his beloved. With Simplicity: A Poetic Inquiry Into Truth, the poet presents a candid, clear and refreshing re-examination of life; it is an anthology of poems on spiritual and philosophical issues including love, faith and joy.

Finally, Kloschinsky also shares his maverick, erudite insight into personal recovery and spiritual growth with Deliverance: A Poetic Journey of Redemption, which outlines the psychiatric, spiritual, philosophical and artistic recovery of the author from the problems outlined in A Time To Cry, as well as poems on a wide range of other themes.

Kloschinsky's poems are sharp, succinct, and witty enough to portray the audacity of the self to overcome life's difficulties. His poems provide rare but excellent examples of how to live a life steadfastly, full of determination and full of hope. Simplicity: A Poetic Inquiry Into Truth; Deliverance: A Poetic Journey of Redemption; and A Time to Cry: A Poetic Memoir of madness, Depression and Unrequited Love are now available for your reading pleasure at the publisher's online bookstore, at and at the author's official website, at

About the Author
Paul Kloschinsky was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1963. He has a degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of British Columbia. Although he suffered from mental health problems in the past, he is now a dedicated poet, songwriter and photographer.