A New Study Found That The Complication Rates of Joint Replacement Surgery Vary Widely

Orlando, FL — May 27, 2015 — Joint replacement surgery is one of the treatments that patients resort to. It is believed to be very beneficial, especially to individuals who suffer from severe pain. However, there is a new update about the surgery that patients should be aware about.

A new study found that the complication rates of joint replacement surgery vary widely. In other words, there are hospitals that perform the surgery better than the rest. Individuals who want to have a knee or hip replacement surgery should consider choosing the best surgeon.

According to the researchers of the Yale Center for outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) at the Yale School of Medicine, the hospital that patients choose may determine whether or not they will have postoperative complications such as wound infections and pneumonia. This finding was also published in an issue of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

The Millenium Research Group, an entity that studies the medical technology industry, reported that almost one million individuals undergo joint replacement surgeries every year in the United States. A majority of the procedures have achieved success in restoring the function and reducing the pain of sufferers.

Researchers created a measure that was useful in ranking the quality of care offered by hospitals that perform joint replacement procedures. Complications that were attributable to the surgery included heart attack, surgical site bleeding, mechanical complications, sepsis and death.

Elizabeth Drye, M.D., Yale research scientist and senior study author, stated that the research team focused on certain complications based on the likelihood of their occurrence after a hip or knee replacement surgery.

It was found that there were low complications, and there were a total of 31,247 patients who experienced one or more complications. Complications include pneumonia, pulmonary embolism and joint or wound infections.

Experts have always recommended that patients should resort to all the measures needed to achieve pain relief and improve their overall condition. These measures include making some dietary and lifestyle changes.

Many arthritis patients are relying on pain relief drugs, especially those who are not ready for a surgery. However, there are also those who use natural alternatives solely or in addition to drugs. One of the most popular natural alternatives is called curcumin supplements.

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