An impressive resource for parents, Genuineblox supplies collections of handcrafted, organic and American made baby clothing.

United States - February 9 2017: Earlier this year, Genuineblox, an innovative online baby boutique, officially launched their new website. The brand currently offers three specialized collections; Handmade Baby Clothes, Organic Baby Clothes and Baby Clothes Made in the USA.

The company’s goal is to ease the pressure put on parents by supplying a variety of high quality baby clothing and providing a platform that helps women learn and communicate with one another.

Cindy, the Founder of Genuineblox, is an ex-Wall Street quantitative analyst who created the brand in direct response to the many counterfeit and toxic products she came across on a daily basis. She wanted to provide products and apparel that parents could buy without having to worry about the quality and safety of their   children.

“At Genuineblox, we are passionate about parenting and women’s rights.” explained Cindy. “We carry these organic, handmade baby clothes that are made in the USA because women should have easy access to these types of products. My friends have used the apparel on their own children and the results have been fantastic. I am so excited for women to learn about the new website because I believe it will help them grow and save them time worrying about the harmful products on the market  today.”

Along with a wide range of baby and newborn clothing, Genuineblox also sells organic toys, accessories and gift sets. The website has a large Resources Catalogue, which contains a variety of articles on parenting, finance and child development. It is an effective source for parents to gain new knowledge and find American-made baby clothes.

To find out more information, visit the new Genuineblox website at