Social media is all over the world news today and is one of the top grossing news topics. The two social giant’s instagram and vine are fighting their hearts out to stay on top. Only time will tell their outcome. 

Instagram is an extremely popular social network to share exquisite and personal images. The capturing and sharing visual images feature of instagram is so fast maturing that facebook has already bought the rights of it for a whopping 1 billion dollars. The best thing about this instagram feature is that it is now available on almost all the smart phones. But news is that they are still unavailable on blackberry and Windows 8. However instagram is sure to get more popularity in the coming days. 

On the other hand a new video sharing application vine has created some vibes which are being enjoyed by Twitter a lot. This could be compared to a similar success story that facebook experience with instagram. However reports show that concentrating on the user’s interests facebook along with instagram have also come up with the video sharing aspect. This has led vine to develop a few more new and good features to stay up and compete with instagram. Vine added some new theme based channels, on the rise feature, revining and protected posts are among the coolest features on vine. The is a cheap way to buy instagram followers and likes. 

However instagram is proving to be on top with better video sharing features such as, the video length can be up to 15 seconds unlike vine which allows only 6 seconds of videos. Instagram also provides you many editing options which will make your videos further more appealing. However both these applications are good in their ways and so people prefer using both effectively.