08, February 2017: On the 2017 CES, Apart from the Airwheel F series of drone with camera, the Airwheel C6 and C8 joined Airwheel, as well. When it comes to the Airwheel C series, now it includes C5, C6 open face helmet and C8 full face helmet.

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Followed by Airwheel E series and R series, Airwheel C series of smart helmets is a new series which was released 2016 and at the beginning of 2017, another two models were joined to C series—C6 scooter helmetand C8 racing helmet. As an extension of Airwheel’s existing product line, these products boasting extraordinary safety, endurance and individual features fully convey the company’s dedication to details, material application, function design and safety design.Today’s emphasis is Airwheel intelligent helmet that provides riders with safety and fun.

Airwheel C series of intelligent helmets have realized multiple functions, which is one of necessary protective gears for riding. In the society full of kinds of selfies, the accompanying smart camera is highly needed. Accompanying smart camera of Airwheel smart helmets enables riders to take photographs or videos anytime, anywhere. Such a walk-camera brings much fun and convenience for riders who love photography and riding at the same time. As we know having calls during the riding or driving is dangerous which pose a threat to both yourself and others. Airwheel helmet is adopted Bluetooth, capable of answering phone calls in riding, more secure and convenient. In addition, Airwheel conforms to human body engineering that can adapt to different head forms and provide riders with more comfortable wearing experience.

Moreover, windproof cover design of Airwheel C6 cool motorcycle helmet can effectively protect riders’ binocular safety during the riding. With wide viewing all glass lens and anti-shake design, riders can record every wonderful moment more easily and clearly. Based on the head type database, C8 realizes 3D modelling that can perfectly match the rider’s head. High density particles in one-time foam moulding enjoy higher hardness and stronger shock absorption enabling C8 full face helmet to protect head comprehensively.

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Besides, it also applies to some other thrilling outdoor activities, like sky diving, rock climbing and skiing. In a word, Airwheel smart helmet provides riders with safety and fun.

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