The First Automated Pricing Platform Enabling Consumers To Discover The Best Spas, Salons, Gyms And Studios With Up To 90% Discounts

Singapore, 20 March, 2017 — Last-Minute is a consumer platform by Activpass to secure last-minute bookings that allows customers to make same or next day appointments at spas, salons, gyms and studios at very high discounts of 50% to 90%. Activpass is integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that combines a cloud-based business management platform and consumer mobile marketplace application. It empowers businesses and independent professionals to completely manage, schedule, engage and monetize businesses through the optimal use of data analytics and mobile technology.

More often than not, 30% to 60% of appointment slots go unfilled or unclaimed and as Last-Minute has access to Activpass’s network of beauty, wellness and fitness businesses; it offers attractive discounts on all unbooked appointments. Last-Minute allows customers to search for deals by service categories (e.g. Facial and Hair care), classes (e.g. Zumba and Indoor Cycling) or offers in their vicinity with respect to their

preferences. Customers can book specific appointment times and pay for the appointments on-the-go.

Last-Minute is the first platform that enables businesses in these industries to promote unfilled slots at attractive prices to customers through the use of automated pricing.
Activpass has a built an algorithm that will automate the pricing of classes and services based on a dynamic pricing strategy. The pricing would depend on a number of factors including start time, popularity of the timings, available slots and past booking prices. This is similar to last minute hotel bookings.

Activpass Last-Minute is a game-changer, as businesses in these industries never had the platform to implement their promotions and pricing in an automated manner. Fitness, wellness and beauty providers do not risk diluting their brands as the deals are limited in quantity and specific timings.

According to Mr Peter Seow, Founder and CEO of Activpass Holdings, the Singapore market sizes for the beauty and wellness industry, and the fitness industry are estimated to be at S$500 million and S$210 million respectively. This provides a tremendous opportunity for growth across all businesses and empowering them with the necessary technology and data insights that will not only transform businesses but also cement the relationship between a business and its clientsw. Peter added that Last-Minute is a win- win for customers and businesses alike, he stated that, “Spa, salons, gyms and fitness studios have long sought a way to fill appointments that would otherwise go unbooked. We focus on unsold inventories and help our partners improve their bottom line by delivering incremental bookings by promoting these last-minute deals. For consumers, our new feature is great for people who travel a lot and have erratic schedules, so cannot commit to a gym membership or would like to discover new activities and deals.”

Last-Minute represents an exciting new way for Activpass to help boost businesses in the sports, fitness, wellness and beauty services industries through online to  offline marketing as it allows consumers to receive real-time deals directly from merchants, be the first to know about new products and services, and also earn Activpass points when they purchase classes or services. Consumers can sign up for Last-Minute notifications to receive the latest deal updates based on their location or preferences.

“We are confident that Activpass can help to fill the empty class slots, enabling us to make additional revenue. Clients who purchase Last-Minute deals are higher value customers given that they are willing to pay more compared to customers from other promotion platforms. Hence, it is likely they do not mind paying for a class-pack,” said Jasen Teoh, co-founder of Singapore Calisthenics Academy, a calisthenics gym owner.

Activpass Last-Minute appeals to consumers who are willing to make little sacrifices in exchange for great value. In this way, Last-Minute is a great way for businesses to bring in new customers through their doors and convert them to loyal customers.

To date, Activpass has over 200 businesses and independent professional onboard and the Activpass Last-Minute platform is expected to facilitate more than 200,000 reservations for fitness, wellness and beauty services over the next two years.

About Activpass
Activpass is an integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that combines a cloud-based business management platform and online-to-offline (O2O) mobile marketplace application to empower businesses and independent professionals to completely manage, schedule, engage and monetise their businesses through the optimal use of data analytics and mobile technology.

The O2O mobile marketplace provides consumers with a seamless experience to access fitness activities, beauty and wellness services. Users get access to Last-Minute Deals where classes and services are offered at 50% to 90% discount for same day or next day bookings. Users get rewarded with Activpass Points, and have access to peer-to-peer digital sharing products as such as gift cards and packages.

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