In the background of the mobile internet age, mobile phones play an important role in daily life. According to MOBILE SMART TERMINAL AND HARDWARE WHITE PAPER issued by CAICT, we can find that the shipments of global smartphones are rising up to 680m units in the first half year of 2016. At the same time, a survey from the third party statistics shows that 77 percent of users suffered the phone slowing down when using Android phones. The responsible person of ADUPS commented on this issue: some SWs transfer too much authority in the development of system so that it makes relatively heavier burden on the whole system. Gradually, a phone can’t run smoothly.

Recently, Android is the leading operating system with 80.7% of the mobile phones market, according to the latest data released by Gartner, vs IOS operating system, with less than 20%. And Windows Phone have just 1% market share. It shows that Android system have achieved great success and won a lot of reputation. However, Android system is having the wom: more use, more slowly. This fact even goes beyond the area of hardware context.

Fortunately, FOTA upgrade launched by ADUPS can solve all the “pain point” on Android system shown above. It means manufactures and consumers can update the device firmware directly through the Cloud. (They don’t need to download the firmware but just need to connect the device to the network to update.) Users can get latest system easily through FOTA upgrade. Meanwhile, it can effectively improve the system fluency to improve user experience.

Analyst pointed out that the current smart phone market competition is more and more fierce. At present, the foothold of competition are mobile phone design, fabrication process, hardware context and so on. In the future, system fluency and better user experience will also be the core competition Companies who provide one-stop FOTA upgrade service for smartphones (like ADUPS) will have further development opportunities.

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