11-06-2019, Delhi: We have been fighting against this dreadful disease for years now. Every year new detection techniques and cancer treatment protocols are established in order to give the best possible treatment to cancer patients across the globe. Toward the steps to fight against cancer one such new technology has been introduced that will chemically highlight the tumor cells to help spot and safely remove brain cancer.



The idea of biochemically highlighting cancer cells which will distinguish themselves from others is quite distinctive and it has been used by surgeons to help spot and safely remove brain cancer. Research is conducted with people suspected to have Glioma, one of the most common brain cancer. Researchers proclaimed that by using the fluorescent marker, neurosurgeons can distinguish the most aggressive cancer cells from other brain tissue and they also conclude that this may ultimately improve patient survival. Certain chemical compounds such as 5-ALA accumulate in fast-growing cancer cells and this means it can act as a fluorescent marker of high-grade cells. Surgeons then with the help of operating microscopes look for fluorescent tissues in the patient’s brain which is then tested and sent for further processing.

As per certain neurosurgeons, gliomas are challenging to treat with good survival rates, often measured in months rather than years. Many patients opt for surgery and the aim is to safely remove as much of cancer as possible. Once this large mass of cells is removed, it is pathologically tested in order to test its progressivity. Under a microscope, it is observed if they are 'high-grade', fast-growing cells, or 'low-grade' slower growing cells, so as to decide further chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions on the basis of the diagnosis.

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