Date:-28 June 2019, Location:- New Delhi Coronary artery bypass grafting surgery is one of the most suitable surgical solutions to coronary heart disease. This disease is a condition which reduces the blood flow in the arteries of the heart. The common symptoms of Coronary artery disease are chest pain, heaviness, burning, squeezing, pain in arms and shoulder, sweating and dizziness.

To improve the blood flow in the heart, surgeons generally suggest conducting a coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. This is also known as bypass surgery. This surgery is used to treat the patient suffering from a blocked coronary artery and to restore the effective blood supply to the heart. During this surgery, the surgeon harvests a vessel from another part of the body and then grafted that vessel over the blocked coronary artery to create a bypass route for blood flow through the coronary artery to restore the blood supply in the heart. Apart from coronary artery disease, there are many other reasons that can cause a blocked artery, such as ventricular dysfunction, sudden fatal cardiac arrest, or restenosis of the coronary artery.

Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery (CABG) in India can be conducted following any of the following procedure based on the requirement of the patient. First one is Traditional CABG, this is an open heart. The second one is Off-pump CABG; almost similar to the traditional process. And the third process is Minimally Invasive Direct CABG. This is robotic surgery and not an open heart procedure.

There are many reliable hospitals who offer coronary artery bypass grafting surgery in India at a very affordable price with a high rate of success. The average cost of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery in India is much lower than in other developed countries.

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