To save the life of patients suffering from end-stage heart diseases, surgeons some times prefer a heart transplant when any other treatment procedures are working. This is a lifesaving treatment procedure and can add years to the patient’s life. A successful heart transplant surgery can improve the quality of life by reducing medicine dependency. Post-surgery, the patients become more active and functional and can have a healthy life ahead with few restrictions.

Heart transplant surgery in India is a complicated surgical procedure. For a successful transplant surgery, the surgeons first evaluate the donor’s heart and approve that the heart is fit for transplantation. Then the approved donor’s heart is extracted with proper precaution and makes it available for transplant. An extracted heart needs to be transplanted within 4 – 6 hours of extraction. Then the surgeons perform the transplant under general anesthesia; a complete heart transplant surgery takes about 4 – 6 hours.

Comprehensive post-operative care after heart transplantation is very much essential to reduce the chances of rejection and postoperative complications in patients. Depending on individual patients’ condition, a post-surgery hospital stay may vary from 7 – 21 days.


Rejection is one of the key risks related to heart transplant surgery. Therefore the patient with a transplanted heart needs to go through regular screening tests to identify any malfunction and follow up treatment to rectify if any obstruction is there.

In last few years, India has emerged as a desired destination for patients looking for affordable, accessible and efficient Heart Transplant Surgery to overcome terminal hear diseases.  The main reason behind this emergence is primarily the development of state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, excellent services by hospitals and expert transplant surgeons.

The cost of the Heart Transplant Surgery for both children and adults in India is typically a fraction of the cost for the same procedure in developed countries such as the USA. Thought the treatment package cost can vary as per the diagnosis and conditions of the patients, City, and hospital chosen for treatment along with the facilities availed.

Heart Transplant Surgery in India is one of the reputed medical tourism consultants of the country that offers exclusive heart transplant surgery packages at a reasonable price to patients from every corner of the world.

About India Cardiac Surgery Site: This medical tourism service provider helps international patients to get top-class heart-related treatment at a reasonable cost. The organization has a well-connected support system comprised of efficient and skilled cardiac surgeons, cardiologists, and world-class hospital facilities of India to offer the best treatment for patients with terminal heart disease.

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