Delhi: If you’re wondering where you should have your weight loss surgery performed, with it’s a sleeve gastrostomy, you should put the India at the top of your list. With state-of-the-art technology available and top-notch surgeons on staff to perform your surgery, you’ll have the affordable sleeve gastrectomy in India done in a short period of time, and then you can look forward to your new life

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in India

Both weight problems and diabetes are common, serious and steeply-priced globally. More than one third population is tormented by these two conditions. Among patients which have weight problems and diabetes, bariatric surgical operation can cause remission of both of those diseases.One of the most popular bariatric surgical procedures throughout the globe, the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy is an irreversible system that curtails the dimensions of the stomach by way of surgically removing approximately –two thirds of it, making it more or less the size and form of a banana. The manner additionally eliminates most of the cells that produce ghrelin, the starvation-inducing hormone; as a result, decreasing your consuming functionality post-surgical operation and helping you shed pounds faster.

It is a less complex procedure and relatively safe procedure. It does not involve placement of any foreign object or bypass. It helps reduce about 50% of excess body weight within two years of surgery. The surgery has rapid and effective weight loss than other gastric bypass surgery. The chance of nutrient and vitamin deficiency is less. Gastric sleeve patients do not have mal-absorption. The long-term risk of bowel obstruction, marginal ulcer, hernias is relatively low. India is promising as one of the favorite destinations in the world due to affordable sleeve gastrectomy in India, accessibility, and much cheaper rates.

Sleeve gastrectomy in India is performed in the country with the sole purpose of managing obesity. Affordable sleeve gastrectomy in India helps individuals who suffer from drastically reduced quality of life because of obesity. It helps stimulate weight loss in individual suffering from comorbid obesity. These include heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension and reduced mobility due to skeletal problems. People who have failed to reduce their weight through all other non-surgical interventions are recommended to pay nominal gastric sleeve cost and undergo affordable sleeve gastrectomy in India. India is one of the most preferred destinations to seek high-quality weight loss solution with affordable sleeve gastrectomy in India. This is because of two main reasons. First, the affordable price is much less than any other country in the world. Second, the country has around the clock availability of quality of medical treatment and experienced doctors. Affordable sleeve gastrectomy in India, thus, seems like a great option to a medical tourist from abroad.

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