17 Sep 19 Delhi Throat cancer is basically a growth of cancerous tumors that develop in your mouth, sinuses, nose or throat. Throat Cancer can be of different types depending on the position and type of cancer cell development. Like other cancers, all throat cancers involve the growth and development of abnormal cells, but depending on the type of cell development, your doctor can categorize throat cancer primarily into two types, such as:

Squamous cell carcinoma: this type of throat cancer on the flat cells lining the throat. This is the most common type of throat cancer develops in different parts of the world.

Adenocarcinoma: This type of cancer develops in the glandular cells. This is comparatively rare than Squamous cell carcinoma.
Apart from these two main types, throat cancer can also be grouped into two additional types: pharyngeal cancer that develops in the neck and throat, and laryngeal cancer which affects the larynx or voice box. Depending on the affected area pharyngeal cancer can be of 3 types, such as Nasopharynx cancer, Oropharynx cancer, and Hypopharynx cancer.

Different types of throat cancer treatments are practiced in India. Most popular procedures of throat cancer treatment in India are:

Radiation Therapy or radiotherapy: High-energy X-rays beams are applied to kill the cancer cells. It is a localized treatment procedure. Types of radiation therapy include Intensity-modulated radiotherapy and 3D-conformal radiation therapy, Proton therapy, and Brachytherapy.

Surgery: Different types of surgical procedures are used to remove throat cancer, such as Laryngectmoy, Neck dissection, and Pharyngectomy. Robotic surgery is one of the latest methods of precise throat cancer removal.

Chemotherapy: Here different kinds of drugs are used to kill the cancer cells.
All the latest throat cancer treatment procedures are available in India at an affordable price compare to other developed countries.

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