Agusta Avia Angel after a period of long negotiation got the international status. After a weeklong negotiation period Agusta Avia Angel aviation company decided to go international.

“Normally, we work with the clients from Russia and CIS. But due to the constant international request we decided to open an international department. Of course, we have a lot to do — but we are ready for cooperation and already speak English, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian. In addition we have a strong support by our international colleagues” — report Valery Andreeva, the head of the Informational Department.

“At the present moment we are preparing the informational base for going international and making all the necessary researches for the proper cooperation with our client. Even now we have several foreign clients and partner that we have been working with before making our international department so we have enough experience to start and proceed correctly. The main purpose for now is to get the information of needs and demands of the international market as well as to find out all the rules of it” — reported Valery.

Agusta Avia Angel Aviation Company has been mainly involved in aviation brokerage in Russia and CIS for more than three years and has earned a good reputation there being very informative and well prepared. The main target for them then was to inform the Russian-speaking clients of the available Agusta helicopters and help them with all the issues of delivering and purchasing.

But being often requested by the foreign market clients even for the helicopters base in Russian and CIS and having a strong support by the new international partner, Agusta Avia Angel Aviation Company opened the International Department and started to speak several most popular languages of the world. For now Agusta Avia Angel Aviation Company, having one of the best offers worldwide, is ready to cooperate and to go worldwide.

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