Airwheel artificial intelligence service robot S9 marked the entry

14, April 2016: Years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) was still in its infancy and in the phase of concept. With the passage of day, a lot of worldwide famous firms invested large sums of money in the field with the intention of put it into practice. For now, the year of 2016 has seen the great improvement of AI. It is possible to predict that the technology might be put to use in the near future. Airwheel also embarks on the related R & D. Through years’ development and efforts, Airwheel developed its first AI vehicle, i.e. artificial intelligence robot S9, which was unveiled in the 2016 CeBIT.


From the perspective of function, Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent robot S9 is worth attention. With the built-in intelligent chip, Airwheel S9 can automatically avoid obstacles before it. When it meets the obstacle, it can step backward and then bypass it. Through several trial, it even can get familiar with the environment around it. With the familiarity with the surrounding environment, it is able to map out the itinerary. The AI function is highly likely to be applied to other future electric self-balancing scooters. The whole sector of electric scooter will change just because of the AI.


For the time being, Asian customers have not yet experienced the AI S9. Airwheel S9 was unveiled first in the 2016 CeBIT. During the exhibition, many European customer had experienced it and thought highly of it. However, Asian customers will be offered the same treat and Airwheel will attend the upcoming Canton Fair and HK Electronics Fair held in next month. At the two exhibitions, Airwheel is set to provide the free experience of its latest new products, C3, C5 and artificial intelligence robot S9 included. This exhibition will be another opportunity for the loyal players of Airwheel to experience new products of electric scooter once again.

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