Airwheel, “Avengers” in the Intelligent Electric Self-balancing Unicycle.

12, June 2015: Recently Airwheel announced the news that its new product model would be published in this June. People still remember the surprises that Airwheel last released product Airwheel S3 brought to us. Unfortunately Airwheel didn’t reveal any detail about this product launch.

Airwheel Invitation Letter

With all its published products, Airwheel has been the “superheroes” in self-balancing scooter market. When intelligent self-balancing scooters were first invented, people generally worried about their performance and stability. Also these products were unaffordable to the general public. So self-balancing scooters had been niche products for a long time. But once Airwheel entered and rose in this market, the market was enlarged. Airwheel highlighted the quality and value for money and introduced many classic products to break the market limitations set by its competitors.

Brand value: The leader of the market.
Medal Awarded: Medal of Captain of America.


As a new born Chinese brand, Airwheel only spent 2 years occupying 60% market share in China, and its foreign sales are broken by itself year by year. Only lower prices wouldn’t give Airwheel its positions today; instead its user-oriented enterprise philosophy makes itself a giant.

Power performance: The incredible energy contained in such a small body. Medal Awarded: Medals of Hulk and Thor.

Electricity-powered vehicles are always thought to be incapable in long-distance travel or carrying heavy burden. But Airwheel tells you it’s quite reasonable to go field outings with Airwheel electric self-balancing scooters, because Airwheel self-balancing scooters enable you to travel as far as 20 km at a top speed of 18km/h. The bearing weight of can be as heavy as 120 kg. So just enjoy your travel and leave all your troubles to Airwheel.

So what will Airwheel bring to us this time? More user-oriented prices? More powerful performance? More useful functions? Or another totally new and revolutionary product which will change the market again? Let’s just wait and see what new medals Airwheel will get in June.

For Media Contact:
Contact Person: Mr Tang
Company: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd
Phone: +8618861270200