Airwheel electric scooters: Are You a Low-Carbon Traveller Today?

11, June 2015: Early in human’s civilized society, means of transportation included only backward animal-drawn vehicles such as carriages and oxcarts. These vehicles, however, were quite a leap since they replaced walking that people used for a long time. Then steam engines were invented in the industrial age, giving rise to steam trains, steam ships, etc. Later, the advent of internal combustion engines even opened a new chapter for development of means of transportation. Nowadays, transports used by people in daily life include bicycles, battery cars, private cars, buses, subways, trains, ships, planes and so on.


Emergence of various means of transportation undeniably boosts social, technological, political and especially economic exchanges and development. Nevertheless, with continuous advancement of society, people are changing their demands on transports.

For the past few decades, people used to focus on speed as they hoped to get to another place faster and accomplish whatever they intended to do in limited lives. So “speediness” became a common pursuit. However, transports powered by fossil fuels, e.g., automobiles, have added great burden on the environment and incurred counterattack from nature; people therefore begin to rethink and realize the significance of environmental protection and advocate green travelling. At the right moment, Airwheel electric balancing unicycle emerges.


Airwheel electric balancing unicycle is an environmentally friendly individual transport powered by SONY lithium battery core, so it is emission-free, green, low-carbon and energy-efficient. The battery core in the one-wheeled electric balancing scooter can be recharged for 1800 cycles, with its battery life 3.8 times and service time 2.9 times common lithium batteries. Additionally, it has advantages such as no toxin, no memory effect and no need of long-time charging, being convenient and powerful.

Airwheel, as a famous brand, strives to provide consumers with the best products based on a combination of environmental protection and quality from the very beginning. It advocates a green life style while solving travelling problems and aims at harmony with nature.

In the past, a good or bad means of transportation depended often on its speed. Any means as long as it is fast and has large capacity would be popular. But now, people are increasingly concerned about environmental protection and green transports, among which Airwheel electric unicycle stands out.

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