Airwheel first new intelligent products release announcement 2016 CeBIT in Germany

12, April 2016: In March, Airwheel launched a series of new products. These new products were pushed out in the 2016 CeBIT. It was the first time for Airwheel to call a new product release announcement in overseas market. This new product release announcement was unforgettable and came as a milestone for Airwheel. Airwheel released the most products of electric self-balancing scooter throughout the whole history of development. The series and type involved the most extensive ones.


Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter Z5 looks like a traditional electricity-assisted scooter. But it is easy to pack away. When it packs away, it can be put into the boot or took into other transportations such as the bus or the metro. In addition, Airwheel Z5 is regarded as a portable or moving charge resource. There is a USB port in Airwheel Z5. It supports the charging via USB cable. Thus the rider can charge it by connecting it into his PC. At the same time, it can be used as a charger for the mobile phone. The rider can steer Z5 as well as charge his mobile phone.

Amongst the roll-outs, the intelligent helmets C3 is also worth noting. This is a kind of auxiliary device used for ride. In process of ride, a helmet can serve a lot. For a beginner, safety comes first. In view of this fact, Airwheel provides this kind of auxiliary device, aiming to protect the rider to his best and ensure the fun from Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. Apart from these basic purpose, Airwheel C3 has the ability to play music and take photos. The built-on Bluetooth enables the rider to answer the call without whipping out his mobile phone.


On the other hand, a new member of two-wheeled self-balancing scooter is added to Airwheel S-series family. This model integrates two mode of ride—stand-on mode and the sit-on mode. The dual mode of ride creates a more comfortable ride.

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