Airwheel M3 Pro Skateboards Complete, the Most Valued Present from Crowd Funding

13, April 2016: I love to take part in crowd funding. As an owner of small store for coffee, hot dogs and sandwich, I love to try various kinds of gismo. As soon as the crowding funding of Airwheel M3, a new type of electric skateboards in Indiegogo, I pay for it immediately. Soon I received the skateboards. The package is well-designed and durable. After opening it, I saw the skateboards.


The electric skateboards looks like the general skateboards, but with a motor beneath the plate. The wireless remote control skateboards is equipped with the remote control, so I just need to press the button to start, stop, speed up or slow down the skateboards which is powered by motor rather than labor. The design of remote control is very concise, which is easy for riders to operate even when coming across some accidents. Besides, the equipped shock absorber enables me t feel comfortable or unstable at all.

Apart from those advantages, the appearance of Airwheel M3 catches my eyes at once. The tags of plate can be changed as I wish. Apart from the tags, the material of plate and other spare parts can also be changed. What I need to do is to buy some spare parts from the online store of Airwheel. What the motorized skateboards broadcast is the idea of do it by myself and showing the personalities of users.

I also appreciate the battery of Airwheel M3, which is powerful and of long cursing life. I do not worry about the lack of power when I am on the way to deliver coffee, sandwich or hot dogs which help me avoid form the traffic jam and save time. The electric skateboards is my best tool to deliver food, so I decide to buy several more for my staff.


The crowd funding provides me a gorgeous experience of riding. I cannot wait to see some more models of Airwheel in the futureand I am satisfied with the complete skateboards I get from the crowd funding.

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