Airwheel new electric self-balancing scooters were present in the 2016 CeBIT

04, April 2016: Airwheel had prepared for a long time so that it could present itself in the best way in the 2016 CeBIT. During the 5-day-long exhibition, Airwheel gained much from this international trade show. In the trade fair, Airwheel pushed out its new products, one type of two-wheeled self-balancing scooter, one artificial intelligence robot and two smart helmets. This new product announcement was a bit special and different from the previous ones. This time, Airwheel auxiliary devices predominated in the announcement. Airwheel artificial intelligence robot S9 and smart helmets C3 & C5 arrested the attention of all visitors to Airwheel booth in the 5-day-long exhibition.


Airwheel intelligent helmets C3 and C5 are not only used for protection during the ride. The main eye-catching functions are photography, video and review of pictures. The rider who wear Airwheel intelligent helmet can listen to music when he scoots about. The protection offered by Airwheel intelligent helmet is not limited to protection for the head of the rider but also in other way. When there is a call, the rider does not need to whip out his mobile phone and he could answer the call through Bluetooth, which is equipped in the intelligent scooter.


Airwheel artificial intelligence robot S9 was another miracle in the exhibition. A lot of visitors, most of who were loyal players of Airwheel, were astonished by the release of two-wheeled intelligent robot. They were surprised because they did not expected Airwheel released its AI device so quickly. Airwheel’s release of AI scooter was ahead of time and of the whole sector. Airwheel S9 is able to avoid the obstacles before it. In addition, it can make a route itself and optimise the distance. It can make the distance minimum and safe. This important functions represent the most advanced tech and design made by Airwheel. It is believed that Airwheel would introduce these technologies to the future roll-out.

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