United States of America; 20, May 2015: Looking at the last century it can be said that technology has brought a revolution in terms of the transportation systems. The future is expected to see much more advances in this arena where a lot of such systems are on the verge of being launched. Two wheelers which includes the scooters or the bicycles have been a favorite for many when it comes to personal transportation for short distances. They are not only environment friendly but also economical in nature. Leveraging on the existing technologies and expanding the possibilities, Airwheel has come up with innovative products which are both cool and effective. They are a company based in USA and offers a range of electronic scooters, self-balancing scooters, unicycles, and many more innovative products.

Airwheel 8

The company seems to be among the very few who have come up with such innovative products. One of the popular products in their portfolio is the Airwheel X8 which is a unique self-balancing electric unicycle which can be a great transportation for everyday use. Although it is a one wheel electric scooter, it might take only about a week to get acquainted with it. Moreover, 20 minutes a day for a week might be just enough to learn riding on this scooter. The company has not kept it quite long and tried to make it highly durable for heavy as well as making it a convenient option. Besides being fun, it is a great supplement for the time spent on walking from one location to the other.

This self balancing unicycle is built using premium materials and is equipped to be used on different terrains with ease. It comes with a unique carbon-fibre pattern clubbed with a built-in intelligent system which offers an effective balancing support. The unicycle has been fitted with a Japan-Made Lithium Battery which comes with a battery life of 1800 recharges. To make the ride more convenient and easy it is fitted with a 16’ magnified slim wheel hub which minimized the roll angles and optimizes the grip effects. To know more about the product and check its technical details, customers can visit the official website. In case of any queries or questions, customers can directly get in touch with the representatives and purchase the product in their region. The company offers its after-sales network in each of its operating countries which ensures customers can get the right help at the right time in case they face any difficulties.

About Airwheel:

Airwheel is an American company which offers a wide range of innovative self-balancing scooters and unicycles. The company offers its products in several countries across the world. One of the popular products in their offerings is the X8 along with a range of other products to choose from.

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