Airwheel S8, Sitting or Standing Casually On the Way to Company

02, April 2016: Cherry is a young office worker who began to work for just 2 years, like peers, she often sleeps late, near the midnight, which leads to getting up late. Every morning, Cherry gets up in a hurry and goes outside without eating breakfast. Then she crowds in the subway and bus where the ventilation is not good. One day, Cherry even fell in faint due to the frost and not having breakfast. Airwheel new saddle equipment scooter, S8 helps her to live in health.


Like the former saddle, Airwheel S8 is a scooter with saddle, Cherry can stand on the plate or sit on the saddle as she wishes. If she doesn’t time to eat breakfast, she can sit on the saddle in case of sudden hypoglycemia. If Cherry feels energetic, she adjusts the height of saddle to be lower and stands as exercise. The electric walkcar is the tool for Cherry to go to the company without crowding in the subway or being late, which saves lots of time for Cherry to sleep.

The 10-inch tyre is another feature of Airwheel S8, unlike the usual small size tyre, Airwheel uses the large size tyre this time which guarantees the stability when riding. This type of tyre is suitable for any terrain, even the rocky path. Cherry loves the large size tyre since the road to her company is not smooth all the way. The double-wheeled electric scooter will ensure the comfortable feeling during the process of riding.


Cherry is a little overweight, at first so she fears Airwheel S8 cannot tolerate the weight of herself. The action bars of the saddle are shaped as letter “C” to load more weight. Besides, the “C” shape action bars are easier for riders to adjust the height of the saddle. Even the girl who is thin with small strength can ride the sitting-posture saddle.

With Airwheel S8, Cherry can have the meal timely without struggling to get up early.

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