Airwheel S9 intelligent robots with wheels, Being Shiny in Canton Fair

19, April 2016: Airwheel S9 is the new model developed by Airwheel which is a kind of service robot rather than a general electric scooter. As the general electric scooter, Airwheel S9 is powered by electricity, the battery is made of lithium which is environmentally friendly and is of no pollution or emission. The wheeled robot is also equipped with a saddle, so riders can prefer to stand on the plate or sit on the saddle as they wish. This design enables riders to choose the best gesture for themselves if they feel tired or want to exercise.


However, the general functions of electric scooter cannot attract the attention of participants since these functions are too common. Airwheel S9 is not only a general electric scooter, it is a kind of service robot which is more intelligent and smarter. The smart robot is inserted with laser radar and auditory system to realize the man and machine interactive functions, which is more convenient for riders and releases them for traditional traveling. Riders can control the intelligent helmet by voice which is concise, short and convenient.


Not as the former model of Airwheel, Airwheel S9 can avoid obstacles automatically according to the judgment of positioning system such as GPRS, WIFI and network base station rather than operated by humans to make judgment and avoid obstacles. In the Canton Fair, the intelligent robot shows how to travel automatically and avoid the pedestrians and roadblock, which is appreciated by the audiences since the scooter can liberate riders from noticing the road condition. As a result, riders can listen to music or watch their cell phone for a while to get relaxed.

Airwheel will upgrade and develop the product by adding plug-in and updating software to upgrade the balancing scooter to adjust to more different conditions and environments. Besides, Airwheel will also add the spare parts to perfect the configuration of the scooter. In the near future, Airwheel S9 will become the popular companion of most riders.

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