09, August 2016: The controversy over intelligent scooters’ road rights leaves unsolved. Airwheel Technology by launching a smart helmet with videography function, aims to defend the riders and solve the controversy on road.

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In the past few years, some new types of green intelligent vehicles are sprouting in big cities. The intelligent scooters, represented by electric self-balancing scooters and e-bikes have been much sought after by young people and urban white-collars. Airwheel Technology is a branded intelligent scooter producer in the field, hammering at producing green and smart commuting vehicles.


Electric scooters are very efficient transport tools especially in crowded urban environment. Its light-weight, portability and stability have been tested and proven by many users. But still in some countries, they are forbidden from running on the main road. Actually, intelligent devices like electric skateboard and electric unicycles can be categorized in the non-motor vehicles. The price of legal loopholes should not be paid by intelligent scooter riders. Electric scooters come into being complying with the technological breakthrough and market needs. The only thing left is to fix the problem.


It is reminded that when electric self-balancing scooters run into traffic accidents, they are not protected by laws. How can intelligent scooter riders protect themselves? Airwheel Technology then produced an intelligent C5’s helmet heads up display to solve the controversy. Let’s see how the gadget can save riders? Firstly, as a traditional helmet, the gadget employs superior materials with excellent toughness and strength. It can stand strong collision and protect the head safety. The ventilating system, including the top streamlined vents and tail vertical exhaust hole, guarantees better air flow and comfortable wearing experience, without sacrificing the safety.


Above all, the most intelligent feature of the device, lies in its high quality integrated camera design. The precise lens is able to present high-contrast and high resolution shooting performance. The camera can capture a 150°large view. The HD camera can shoot in light and dark conditions. Even at night trip, the helmet can give all-rounded protection.


The conflict between intelligent scooter riders and car drivers over right of road is intense. With an Airwheel Bluetooth helmet C5, intelligent scooter riders will not be the vulnerable side. The video shot can clarify everything beyond words.

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