Airwheel Z3 foldable electric scooter for student Enjoy the Sakura in Tokyo

18, April 2016: Tokyo is one of the places famous for its sakura in spring. The pink cloud attracts thousands of people each year. For travelers, how to travel in Tokyo is a problem since they may be unfamiliar with the public transportation while the fee of taxi is too expensive. Airwheel Z3 is a good accompany to travel around Tokyo without taking too much energy. The electric scooter is specially designed so the rider can stand on it more steadily. The height of the handle can be adjusted to fit the height of the rider, so travelers do not worry about bending for a long time which is quite uncomfortable.


Besides, the two-wheeled electric scooter is of small tyre while it still rides steadily which is particularly important since the pursuit of steady is the fundamental requirement of each rider. The battery is equipped with outside of the body of the two-wheeled scooter, so it can be changed easily. It takes a short time for the battery to be charged fully. This is especially suitable for travelers since they need Airwheel Z3 to travel around Tokyo in the daytime and they only have little time to charge the battery at night. The long cursing life is also the guarantee for travelers to travel in a long way.


The aluminum magnesium frame is strong to resist any shock and light enough to be picked up or moved easily. So it is for riders to move the self-balancingelectric scooter away or take to their rooms in the hotels. Each part of Airwheel Z3 can also be folded to save the space. It is not difficult to put the electric scooter in the trunk. Travelers who travel in Tokyo by car can also use Airwheel Z3 as a tool.

Airwheel Z3 can lead the users to enjoy different scenes in various parts.

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