08, February 2017: Airwheel held its new products conference again. Different from the previous ones, this conference, started new series and surprised every scooter lover. Airwheel C6, C8 and F3 were born on the CES 2017.

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Airwheel lovers have never been so content with their lives, because Airwheel has held a new product conference on the CES 2017 and released AirwheelC6 cool motorcycle helmet, C8 full face helmet and F3 drone with camera, intelligent, flexible and fashionable. They cannot wait to take a look of the details and have a try. Today’s focus is on Airwheel F3 unmanned aerial vehicle, UAV for short.


Even though Airwheel F3 unmanned aerial vehicle and other models belong to different series, it still inherits the merits from the previous ones. It installs branded lithium cell in combination with the powerful smart chip that ensures the long duration of flight. Environment pollution is a knot in everybody’s mind. The fog and haze has brought too much inconvenience to everyone’s life. To conserve the environment, the green and low-carbon vehicle or gadget powered by electricity should be highly promoted and applied into daily life for utility or for fun.


F3 drone is remote-controlled and small and portable. More importantly, it is super easy to control. Any green hands can manipulate within 5 minutes. You can throw it from hand to fly. Also, you can connect to your mobile phone to realize dual control modes, either by sliding screen to control or by somatosensory control. In addition to its easy use, Airwheel F3drone is able to take photos and shoot videos, and it is your accompanying photographer that can restore every frame clearly. It can fly circularly and shoot in 360°. It has the ability of GPS real time location tracking. As a result, there is no worry about the loss of Airwheel F3. If out of touch, it will return automatically. Meanwhile, in low battery, it will return automatically via the electric energy calculation.


To our surprise, the F3 drone with camera has the ability to beautify the pictures or videos. Via the App, you can share them with your friends though a variety of social media. This is Airwheel’s latest product in 2017—F3. Find more details, please visit its official web.

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