London 2013 — A new site called Best Music Video Promotion has been launched and is making waves with new and upcoming artists.

We recently visited the site to see what was going on; because it seemed that every keyword we typed in, about Music Video Promotion had the site come up in the top five searches.

We contacted one of the people at the site called Phillip Glass and this is what he had to say and we quote. Best Music Video Promotion was launched to support the growing number of artists who no-longer wants’ to be tied down by publishers or record labels.

Within the interview we ask how the site was able to make such an impact in such a short space of time and his reply was that, the people behind the optimization of the site were able to successfully integrate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social Media which in turn benefited both artist and the ranking of the site.

The site promotes all genres from Country Music to Hip Hop and their very first artist was a reggae singer called Figaro, since then they have had lots of other artist and it appears that Hip Hop and Rap artist s are the most prominent users of the site.

Having looked around completely, we also found that artist can have their Biography, single or album covers created, and in addition have their MP3 submitted to a data base. Obviously, a lot of thought went into creating this unique site.

Just before the conclusion of our interview with Phillip Glass, we ask him why he thought so many artists struggle to make it in the music business and his reply was that the competition is tremendously high and that those artist going out on their own were not skilful enough to produce quality marketing products to create the impact that is needed.

If you need more information about promoting your music video, we urge you to visit the site today to see how their services can help you

About Jim Mcafer

Jim is a freelance writer for indie and underground music, based in Germany and is currently guest blogging for a new start up international music blog.