New Private Label Company Partners with Amazon

AMTekPro, a brand new Distributor announces availability of its Selfie Stick for purchase only on Amazon e-commerce website. Selfie Sticks are great for Self Portrait enthusiasts for adventure and special memories. Amazon a twenty years old trusted brand offers guarantee great shopping experience with their up to date state-of-art infrastructure.

AMTekPro is a new private label company for Electronics and Cell Phone Accessories.  It aims to bring high quality products imported from China.  They belief is to enhance productivity and lifestyle through smart products expanding possibilities.

Their new Exemplary Selfie Stick was introduced in 2015 on Amazon which has been selling off out of stock few times.  It boasts a 80 cm extendable stick with wireless technology Bluetooth shutter button placed near the handle for convenient shots.  Consumer says that they are very handy during long trips like vacations and road travel.  It is pocketable in large pockets and taken along on weekends away from home.  Either way it can be stored in any hand bag.

This Selfie Stick is shipped by Amazon for better customer experience and satisfaction. This facilitates buyers to buy anytime and anywhere without leaving their office or home.  Amazon goes further easy for mobile browsers and patented one-click purchase.  Furthermore, buyers have an option to collect from Amazon lockers nearest to their location which is viewable during the checkout process.

Amazon has reputation of great customer service and most trusted brand for eight years.  Amazon’s mission is similar to AMTekPro’s which is to be the most customer centric brand in the world.  This is very evident from recent action by Amazon by banning fake reviews and continues to enhance customer experience.

“For us customer is always right and we go way beyond that” states spokesperson from AMTekPro.

The Selfie Stick are stored and shipped from Amazon FBA warehouse. They are controlled and automated by robots that moves around the warehouse picking and packing products with high speed and accuracy.  Each warehouse can ship 1.5 million items per day.

“I am very happy to welcome AMTekPro as our new partner and wishes good luck for future endeavors” says Bezos CEO of Amazon.

Products can be purchased through Amazon using Credit Cards and Debit Cards or Checking account.

About AMTekPro:
AMTekPro is a new Electronic and Cell Phone Accessories brand retailed online.  Their main mission is to enhance lifestyle and productivity with their smart range of products.  It aims to bring high quality products.
Phone Number: (631) 674-1772

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