(World Press Release) Only one pool billiard tournament in the World has a doping policy that every participant is required to be under the influence of marijuana: The Amsterdam (D)open.

Since the 80's, pool billiards in Amsterdam has developed in its famous “coffee shops” where a typical Amsterdam-style of pool has emerged. Since a couple of years the official circuit of organized pool is under the scrutiny of the official Olympic list of forbidden substances. Although Marijuana is in no way helpful for human concentration or endurance it still is listed as a officially forbidden substance. As a tribute to the roots of the sport Club 8 organizes the annual Amsterdam (D)open 8-ball tournament which this year will take place the 26th of November.

Every contender is free to put their chosen nickname on the participants list but is required to smoke, vaporize or eat their dose of marijuana so that every match is a fair game. Since the Amsterdam (D)open does not take itself seriously we hope that players also don't and play for the enjoyable experience and the fun of the game as much as for the winning.

As every year all the participants receive a goody bag with the necessary paraphernalia and all the entrance fees will return as prize money to the best 8 players of the event.

In the spirit of the event no results and photo's will be released of the participants afterwards, so one just has to be there to experience legendary players perform with small eyes with an amazing amount of skill considering their intake.

Fact sheet:

The Amsterdam (D)open has a maximum of 64 players so to be sure of a seat one can sent an email to [email protected]. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for their entry. The entry fee is only € 25,- to be paid at arrival. The tournament starts at 8 PM, participants need to be in Club 8 at 19.30 to pay their fees and get high. The finals are expected around 1 AM.

Club 8 is situated at the Admiraal de Ruijterweg 56B, 1056GL AMSTERDAM. Phone +31 20 68 51 703. www.club-8.nl

The following Saturday and Sunday the official Amsterdam Open 8-ball tournament is played in Club 8 with a price fund of over € 7500,- and entrance fees from € 15,- to € 100,-, for more information check http://www.club-8.nl/inschrijven_evenementen.shtml

Visit the publisher’s website: http://www.club-8.nl/inschrijven_evenementen.shtml