Date :- November 30 2019 Location:- New Delhi Angiography test is a specialized imaging technique that uses X-ray imaging to visualize the inner side of blood vessels of the human body. The X-rays used to conduct angiography are called angiograms. Through this test, doctors can study the inside condition of any vessel, where there is any deposition or blockage, narrowing, enlargement, or malfunction of arteries or veins in different parts of your body, including brain, heart, abdomen, and legs.

An angiogram of the heart or coronary angiogramis the best technique for the evaluation of coronary artery diseases. One of the most common reasons forthe angiogram is to visualize the blood in the coronary arteries. Here, a long, thin, flexible catheter is used to manage the x-ray contrast agent at the desired area to get proper imaging of the vessels.  The catheter is inserted into an artery in the groin or forearm of the patient and the tip of the catheter moves through the arterial system into one of the two major coronary arteries. The X-ray images of the radio contrast angiogram distribution through the arteries allow visualization of the size of the artery openings.

Apart from Coronary Angiography Test in India, peripheral angiography is also there to identify vessel narrowing in patients with leg claudication or cramps, caused by reduced blood flow down the legs and to the feet.

Different types of technologies are used for angiography in India, such as computed tomography angiography, digital subtraction angiography, and magnetic resonance angiography. Angiography can also be classified depending on concernorgans, such as coronary angiogram, pulmonary angiogram, radionuclide angiogram, and renal angiogram.

A number of renowned hospitals for advanced angiography testing are available in India. All of these hospitals have a comprehensive solution for the patients requiring an angiography. To international patients, this country is known for offering state-of-art medical facilities at the most reasonable cost.

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