AromaSoft Essential Oil Diffuser Breaks 2000 Review Mark On Amazon

Clarks Summit, Pa. —  April 7 2016
Fine Line Living, a family owned small business based in eastern Pennsylvania, has made the announcement today that their flagship product in their lineup, the AromaSoft essential oil diffuser, has shattered the 2000 customer reviews mark on

“Needless to say, we are thrilled to see that kind of response from our customers base,” says Tina Traver, founder of Fine Line Living. “But I really don't think we would have made that number of reviews if we didn't have some solid customer service people in place here. We get a lot of people that become customers who are using essential oils with a diffuser for the first time and with that, we field a variety of questions through our support channels.”

“Customers like knowing that they can get help after the sale. Plus they like knowing that they are dealing with people who actually have their best interests at heart,” Traver added. “Sure, it may sound corny and old fashioned, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's a philosophy that Fine Line Living has been built around.”

The AromaSoft diffuser is a portable, electric diffuser that has the option of 2 different mist settings through the use of a single button on the front. One can choose a continuous mist setting or a mist that cycles on and off every 30 seconds. The diffuser also has a built in automatic shut off when the water reaches a certain level.

A second button on the front controls the various light functions that are built into the AromaSoft. This allows a user to choose between a colorful display of lighting colors or none at all.

To learn more about what people have to say about the Aromasoft essential oil diffuser, go here (

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Fine Line Living is a company that specializes in affordable, personal use aromatherapy products. These include the AromaSoft essential oil diffuser along with a wide variety of stylish essential oil necklaces.
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