Arranged Marriages Hit the Roof After Taking Western Approach!

AsianRishta Changes Decades of Tradition with a Pinch of Modern Technology

England, UK: Today, Asianrishta, a custom designed website specialising in providing rishta’s with a unique twist, announced its big launch on the 7th of May 2015. After 20 successful years of bringing people together, Asianrishta who have changed the concept of arranged marriage and broken boundaries, finally decide to bring their services online by demand causing a huge stir.

Of the company’s recent success, Asianrishta CEO Faisal Abbas said, “Having to cater for the wider audience due to high demand has been one of my proudest moments in my 20 years at Asianrishta. We have taken the old, bettered and traditional methods of arranged marriages, and tweaked them applying our own twist to fit the new modern Asian era.  I could not be more elated with the results, who know this time next year we could be the new modern movement the Asian society has been waiting for, changing the face of arranged marriages around the world for generations to come”.

To gain this momentous following and support, Asianrishta planned and executed the following tactics:

-    After removing old principles of no social contact or physical until the wedding day, to replace them with a futuristic and a more modern approach, helped Asianrishta draw the attention of thousands.
-    By allowing our members to read, learn and understand the potential partner before meeting them, removed all awkwardness and created an overall engaging environment. This differentiating us; increased our demand and worked in our favour.

About AsianRishta: are rishta specialists based in England, UK. Founded in 1995, Asianrishta has helped thousands of people find rishta’s all over the UK. Young, Old, Divorced and even single parents. AsianRishta holds 20 years under its belt, two decades of experience.

Faisal Abbas — 0800 689 3603