Art Online Ukraine has presented still lifes painted by the talented modern Ukrainian artists. The samples of pictures are published at the website of the company, making it possible for customers to look through them and order the ones they like online.

Art Online Ukraine is a well-known art gallery rich in the paintings of the Ukrainian masters. The number of paintings presented at the website is impressive and attracts the attention of people, who live both in Ukraine and abroad. This is what the representatives of the gallery tell about it: “As for the number of talented artists, Ukraine is a unique country. This is where Kazimir Malevich was born and where creative flowering of many other late 19th and early 20th century artists took place. We have an honour to present stunning masterpieces created by the talented contemporary artists, who live in Ukraine. These are people, who live, feel and paint in our time, experiencing the same emotions we do, but having a good chance to express them on canvas.”

As of today, the gallery provides a unique opportunity to get high professional level paintings at prices far lower the same art of Western European and American authors. Since 2010, the gallery has been representing, selling and delivering Ukrainian art around the world. Their agents work in Brussels, New York and Shanghai, so, it’s possible to order the presentation of the pictures available at the website in these cities as well without any extra charges.

The gallery presents the canvases belonging to different genres, with still lives standing out from the crowd. Being one of the most favorite genre of painting, a still life always attracts the attention of art lovers. At Art Online Ukraine, one can find a rich assortment of still lifes painted in different technique and on diverse materials.

Due to the convenient search filter option, it’s now possible to select the most suitable still lifes by artist, material, genre, status, technique, price and other characteristics. The experts working for the gallery personally prepare all the documents required for the delivery of the canvases abroad. The catalogue of still lifes the gallery offers for sale today is quite rich and updated on a regular basis. “Our ambitious goal is to represent Ukraine all over the world as a country where you can buy reasonably priced copyright works of all styles, techniques and trends of contemporary fine art. Today we already have all what we need!” -underline the Art Online Ukraine experts.

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About the Company:

Art Online Ukraine is a popular and credible Ukraine-based art gallery offering hundreds of high quality and contemporary works of art painted by talented artists living and working in the country. The gallery has a rich selection of works of art that fall into different genres and represent diverse techniques. It’s possible to sort out those canvases a client needs by using a search filter option available at the website. The collection of masterpieces the gallery sells to clients from Ukraine and abroad is regularly updated. The website is available 24/7.

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Address: Andreevsky Spusk, 19A, 04070 Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.: +380 (44) 209-02-57 / +380 (67) 403-92-78
E-mail: [email protected]