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More than 200,000 artificial disc replacements are performed in the country annually to treat condition starting from spinal deformity to degenerative disc disease. Lower back pain is a leading purpose for doctor visits, with approximately 80% of the country’s people experiencing episodes of acute low back ache requiring of acute low back pain requiring interest at the least once of their lives. While the majority of these patients enhance with traditional care, a considerable end up chronically debilitated and require surgical intervention.Traditionally, those patients have often been treated by using spinal fusion which was intended to relieve pain by removing movement at the diseased vertebral section, but it could create spinal imbalance, adjust the bio mechanics of the spine, and growth stresses and movement in adjoining vertebral segments that could boost up in addition degeneration.

Replacement done with an artificial disc is the second choice for repairing cervical herniation. “What I especially like to do now in the precise patient is to put in a synthetic disc, or what we name an arthroplasty,” Dr. Arvind Kulkarni top artificial disc replacement surgeon in Mumbai explains. “While we eliminate the disc, that's inside the same is done with the fusion, and put in a cage same like fusion, we put within the synthetic disc.” the benefit to this function is that it allows movement.

As it reduces the pressure on the discs that are adjacent to the disc that has been damaged, and people discs ought not to do all of the work,” he says.“The artificial disc can then nevertheless does some of the work, and optimistically restriction the chance of similarly damage to subsequent discs.”It doesn’t assure that there won’t be other discs broken, but. “There are numerous elements that cross into disc degenerating and herniating,” top artificial disc replacement surgeon in Mumbai adds, “however virtually if you could reduce the stresses on that disc, it does decrease the likelihood of further disc problems.”

A new technology platform that gives a surgical alternative to spinal fusion by means of allowing the capacity for motion on the diseased spinal section is ProDisc a total disc replacement (TDR).

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni top artificial disc replacement surgeon in Mumbai says, “That retaining motion inside a diseased vertebral section can allow the spine to restore its balance and uphold more natural mechanics that can lessen degeneration in adjoining vertebral segments within the spine.”

The prodisc-l procedure provides surgeons a verified opportunity to fusion surgical procedure. Made via SYNTHES, the ProDisc-L total disc replacement utilizes a ball and socket layout just like replacement device which was been used since years.  It permits patients to have a normal spinal range of movement through responding to the patients’ actions. The concave floor of the top end plate rotates around the ball within the bottom end plate, permitting spinal movement.

“Since ProDisc is implanted through an approach via the abdomen, the muscle, tendons and ligaments of the backbone are not disrupted as takes place when the spine is fused via the back. With overall spinal movement being maintained there may be much less chance of disruption of different discs and more chance of living a life freed of debilitating pain,” concluded Dr. Arvind Kulkarni top artificial disc replacement surgeon in Mumbai.

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